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LEARNING CENTER - PSA 6.0 Flash Tutorials

We have 3 new sets of tutorials for Plesk 6:

1. Plesk Resellers tutorial series specifically designed for the client/reseller on the system.

2. Plesk Enduser tutorial series specifically designed for domain owners.

3. All New Plesk Mail Account tutorial series specifically designed for use by mail users on the system.

1. Reseller Tutorials

Creating templates (hosting plans)
Creating a new hosting account
Modifying a hosting account
Suspending a hosting account
Deleting a hosting account
Creating a domain user
Managing your DNS zones
Changing a customer's Plesk control panel password
Creating a domain pointer
Generating a hosting account report
Adding your logo to the Plesk control panel
Setting up your Skeleton Directory
Editing your company profile
Adding extra features/program to your site

2. End User Tutorials

Creating an E-mail account in MS Outlook Express
Setting up a default (catchall) E-mail account
Creating a POP E-mail account in Plesk 6
Redirecting E-mail in Plesk 6
Using E-mail Aliases
Creating an email autoresponder
Creating a MySQL or PostgresSQL Database
Managing the different Plesk 6 Databases
Using the Webmail feature with Plesk 6
Password protecting a directory
Managing SSL Certificates
Changing passwords in Plesk 6
Setting up a web user
Monitoring and Measuring Traffic in Plesk 6
Managing your files with FileManager
Setting up crontab in Plesk 6
Managing MS FrontPage Extensions from Plesk 6
Adding Extra features to your Domain in Plesk 6
Creating and Managing a Mailman mailing list
Registering a new Domain through Plesk 6
Changing your Interface skin in Plesk 6

3. Plesk Mail User Tutorials

Creating an E-mail account in Outlook Express
Changing your E-Mail Password in Plesk 6
Creating Aliases for your E-mail account
Redirecting your E-mail to a different Account
Creating a Automatic E-mail Response in Plesk 6
Changing your Interface skin in Plesk 6

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